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The alpaca is a member of the South American llama and vicuna family. Alpaca is an essential for Andean economy: it provides with meat for direct consumption, as well as with fiber, leather, and fur for textile, tannage and furring industries respectively.
Alpaca fibers are among the softest of all animal fibers. Alpacas produce one of the world's finest and most luxurious natural fibers. Soft as cashmere and seven times warmer, three times stronger than sheep's wool, lighter than any comparable fiber. Alpaca does not feel scratchy like other animal fibers. Amazingly soft, Luxurious, & Comfortable. Another wonderful quality about Alpaca fur is that it is naturally hypoallergenic and lanolin free. It also comes in more colors than any other fiber-producing animal.
Fiber of the Gods...
Since ancient times, the South American Andes Mountains have been the ancestral home to the prized Alpaca. Their fleece was cherished by members of the Incan civilization (referred to as "The Fiber Of The Gods"), and their prized herds of Alpaca roamed the lush foothills and mountainous meadows. Soon the fur was reserved only for those of Incan royalty and was presented as a tribute to them. In the 17th century, Spanish conquistadors killed a large part of both the Incan and Alpaca populations, forcing the retreating survivors to seek refuge in the high mountain plains known as the Altiplano. The high altitude and harsh landscape ensured that only the hardiest of the remaining Alpaca populations survived, and these ancestors of today's best Alpaca bloodlines have provided a gene pool producing hardy, agile animals with dense, high quality fiber.  

Alpaca fur possesses countless wonderful qualities through thousands of years of evolutionary fine tuning. The harsh environment of the Andes Mountains forced Alpaca to evolve in order to survive. The Alpaca had to develop fur that would protect it and provide warmth through the harsh winter months. Alpaca fur strands are hollow on the inside, creating a cylindrical shape on the microscopic level. This property allows each individual strand to act as a mini thermos, keeping out the cold while holding warmth inside. The hollow structure also keeps the fur light weight and fluffy. The Alpaca also developed natural oils on its fur in order to repel dirt and dust from its environment. These natural oils keep the fur very silky to the touch. Alpaca fiber is also incredibly strong and as soft as cashmere.
* Important Note *
No Alpacas are killed for their fur. Made from 100% humanely acquired, guilt-free Alpaca fur.  There's a prohibition in effect against killing Alpacas for their hides: it is illegal and immoral to do so. We use the hides of humanely acquired Alpaca fur to make our fur creations. The majority of the Alpacas have died of natural causes due to the rough living conditions and high altitude of the South American Andean Mountains. Alpacarug.net closely follows all the laws that prohibit and regulate any mistreatment of Alpacas.

Unfortunately, pictures are woefully inadequate in revealing how truly luxurious our magnificent Alpaca fur rugs and products actually are. You simply must experience one of our Alpaca furs for yourselves by feeling, touching and caressing them. Only then can our Alpaca fur rugs be fully appreciated.
Add a sense of quality and luxury to any setting...
Our Alpaca rugs and plush gifts will add a sense of quality, beauty and luxury that few products can. Fur home decor accessories also have a special intrigue to them. Who hasn't envisioned a beautiful fur rug lying in front of there fireplace or at the foot of the sofa? Alpaca fur is known to be some of the softest, most luxurious fur in the entire world! It's incredible softness truly defies description!
Handmade by world famous craftsman...
Each one of our magnificent Alpaca fur rugs and plush gifts is truly a work of art. They are painstakingly handmade(no two are alike) by Peru's finest leather craftsmen, some of whom are actual descendants of the ancient Inca Indian civilization. Our world-renowned craftsmen have perfected the art of fur crafting these luxurious Alpaca rugs. As a result, collectors and decorators the world over seek out our Alpaca fur rugs for their incomparable quality and exquisite beauty. 
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